A Year in Reading

What a year it has been for literature! There were so many incredible book releases in 2016 that in spite of a hard year for all of us, there is redemption in literature. The books I read this year have been enlightening, riveting and challenging, all contributing to a consciousness that lets us humanize one another.

I hope you’ve found book reviews and posts in this blog helpful, that they’ve opened and expanded your mind in some ways. With so many sources of information available to all of us, I am grateful for the time and space I am you’ve given this blog. It means the world to me!

With only a few days left for this year, I wanted to take some time to reflect on the books I’ve read this year, the titles I’ve taken with me to different places and the writers who have been so generous with their work.


You can check out the list I made of 2016’s best books on Libromance, or the most popular pieces on the blog halfway through the year. I also wrote a lot about #BlackLivesMatter and you can read about those posts here.

2016 was the year of controversial elections both in the U.S. and in the Philippines, and I wrote about them on the blog as well. Much of what I also read and write are influenced by my own experience as a queer Pinay immigrant in the U.S., something that I explored a lot in this blog.

Two figures that were also prominent on Libromance this year were the subject of many posts and book reviews: Alain de Botton and James Baldwin. Head on over to those posts and you’ll find out why I keep coming back to them.

Finally, as 2017 approaches, here are a few offerings: posts on expanding and cultivating one’s creativity, imagining a world where books can be a currency, books that nourish our soul & spirit and a trove of the best fiction reads ever.

As you make your own reading list for 2017, here’s a post on finding the time to read.

What are your reading plans for next year? Do share in the comments below and happy reading!


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