What Terrorism Is & Isn’t, with Patrisse Cullors

“Terrorist” first rang in my ears upon being politicized at 18, a young immigrant from the Philippines trying to make sense of the U.S. I didn’t know much about geopolitics but this I knew: I was vehemently anti-war and after 9/11, the scale of militarization and violence brought on by the U.S. in the Middle … Continue reading What Terrorism Is & Isn’t, with Patrisse Cullors


A Fiery February Reading List

Ok–we are headed shortly towards the end of the month so I know this post is hella late but I swear I have really good reasons why I’m posting this just now. I’m still adjusting to the rhythm of the new year (as in slowing down) and to be completely transparent, I’m just about finishing … Continue reading A Fiery February Reading List

We Won’t Back Down, No

It’s been a little over a week since Trump won the presidential election and what gives me hope these days is the rising resistance against a fascist regime. As a queer Filipino immigrant, I feel the fear in my chest. While waiting for his victory speech early Wednesday morning, the sight of white millennials in … Continue reading We Won’t Back Down, No

#GetLit: Standing Strong with Orlando

We didn’t take no shot from nobody. We had nothing to lose. You all had rights. We had nothing to lose. I’ll be the first one to step on any organization, on any politician’s toes if I have to, to get the rights for my community. -Sylvia Rivera The last time I celebrated Pride was … Continue reading #GetLit: Standing Strong with Orlando

That Big Love, with Paul Auster (A Book Review of ‘4 3 2 1: A Novel’)

The moment you turn the last page of a book, finally heaving a sigh of relief or perhaps some dejection at the end of a journey you wanted to go on, you become a different person. It’s funny how I can always remember the empty feeling I’m left after finishing a really good book, a … Continue reading That Big Love, with Paul Auster (A Book Review of ‘4 3 2 1: A Novel’)

Author Index

A Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi Alameddine, Rabih + An Unnecessary Woman + The Angel of History Alderman, Naomi Alvar, Mia Auster, Paul B Bautista, Lualhati Beatty, Paul Bennett, Brit Boyne, John Bulosan, Carlos C Cain, Susan Castellanos, Rosario Catmull, Ed Cole, Teju Cullors, Patrisse D de Botton, Alain + How Proust Can Change Your Life + The … Continue reading Author Index

#GetLit: For Charleena & Nabra

  Above: Portraits of Charleena Lyles and Nabra Hassanen  Artwork by the amazing Raychelle Duazo It could’ve been any other Sunday. It was over 70 degrees in San Francisco, no Karl the fog in sight. I was on my way to Chinatown for an art build and security training for Trans March this Friday (6/23), … Continue reading #GetLit: For Charleena & Nabra

A Year in Reading

What a year it has been for literature! There were so many incredible book releases in 2016 that in spite of a hard year for all of us, there is redemption in literature. The books I read this year have been enlightening, riveting and challenging, all contributing to a consciousness that lets us humanize one another. … Continue reading A Year in Reading

How to Mother, with Brit Bennett

“An inside hurt was supposed to stay inside. How strange it must be to hurt in an outside way you can’t hide.” —The Mothers, Brit Bennett Often times, we are attuned to grand and sweeping tales about life and death, love and heartbreak, stories which take us to new landscapes, push us to new heights, … Continue reading How to Mother, with Brit Bennett

A Lifetime of Remembering, with Colson Whitehead

I’m usually a tad bit late to everything but for Colson Whitehead’s reading at the Green Apple Books in the Sunset, I was an hour early. His book The Underground Railroad has just been longlisted for the 2016 National Book Award for fiction and while the reading wasn’t for another hour, the place was already packed. While … Continue reading A Lifetime of Remembering, with Colson Whitehead