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Multitudes, with Gordon Parks

This week’s inspiration: fashion, lifestyle and (most importantly) movement photographer, Gordon Parks. It wasn’t until I started poring over Volume 26 of the Kinfolk magazine that I found about him, in spite of his magnanimous work behind the lens. Moved by the same current of wanting to document and expose what his own eyes saw, … Continue reading Multitudes, with Gordon Parks


A Fiery February Reading List

Ok–we are headed shortly towards the end of the month so I know this post is hella late but I swear I have really good reasons why I’m posting this just now. I’m still adjusting to the rhythm of the new year (as in slowing down) and to be completely transparent, I’m just about finishing … Continue reading A Fiery February Reading List

#GetLit: Galaxies & Universe

After Saeed, one of the characters of Mohsin Hamid’s Exit West (Amazon | Indiebound) made a reference to a French photographer who manipulated his photos in such a way that only the night sky lights up entire cities, I knew I had to look. A quick Google search and finally, I came upon Thierry Cohen. His series … Continue reading #GetLit: Galaxies & Universe

#GetLit: Lola, Kinship, Feudalism

This week’s biggest story is The Atlantic‘s My Family’s Slave by Alex Tizon, a piece that that told the story of the writer’s helper or “katulong” which went viral. I first noticed it on Twitter, where so many folks were talking about it. On Facebook, it was being shared over a hundred times. I’m still thinking about Eudocia, … Continue reading #GetLit: Lola, Kinship, Feudalism

#GetLit: A Libromance Round-up

Still on the same frequency after publishing this post because I just came across this gem — Don’t Be a Dick: Colum McCann’s Advice to Young Writers, which had this essential quote: Trying to write without reading is like venturing out to sea all by yourself in a small boat: lonely and dangerous. Wouldn’t you rather see the … Continue reading #GetLit: A Libromance Round-up

A Year in Reading

What a year it has been for literature! There were so many incredible book releases in 2016 that in spite of a hard year for all of us, there is redemption in literature. The books I read this year have been enlightening, riveting and challenging, all contributing to a consciousness that lets us humanize one another. … Continue reading A Year in Reading

The Metaphysics of Reading the News, with Alain de Botton

“Whatever happens in our classrooms, the more potent and ongoing kind of education takes place on the airwaves and on our screens. Cocooned in classrooms for only our first eighteen years or so, we effectively spend the rest of our lives under the tutelage of news entities which wield infinitely greater influence over us than … Continue reading The Metaphysics of Reading the News, with Alain de Botton

Make America Read Again

What’s red and blue and *hella* white in Cleveland  (which has also seen an influx of Craigslist hook-up ads)? It could only be one thing: the Republican National Convention. I usually don’t follow the RNC but it’s pretty hard to ignore when you’re bombarded by clips, photos, headlines and punditry by both traditional and new … Continue reading Make America Read Again