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Timeless Style, Timeless Reads

This blog post is a collaboration between Pia Cortez and Madolyn Ropell, a partnership of two women with a passion for literature and fashion inspired by our weekend at the Abercrombie & Fitch Home Office. Fast, new and trendy. Tap and scroll. Viral, breaking–this just in, you in? (All I need are emojis to complete…

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Beyond the Rice Fields with Naivo

Ravinkazo nanintsana Ka ny lasa tsy azo ahoana Fa ny sisa ampanirina Leaves falling There’s no protecting those that drop But those that stay are made to grow (Malagasy Hainteny) First, an embarrassing confession: I am woefully ignorant about Madagascar, the Malagasy people and the Malagasy culture. It wasn’t until I signed up for Restless Books monthly…

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