Back from the Borinquen 

I spent a few good days in Puerto Rico last week, where I got a chance to slow down, soak up the sun, wade in warm waters. The trip was nourishing on many levels. Being (and wanting to be) a stranger in a different place does something to the self: it temporarily frees you up from several ties, as you suspend your “normal” judgments on how the world works. But only for a brief moment, you remind yourself.

I came across The Poet’s Passage in Old San Juan owned by the poet Lady Lee Andrews and her husband, who’s also an artist. There were books and poems on the wall, different works of art, a section for an open mic and “statement tiles” as I’d like to call them. Here’s one I found that’s perfect for this blog:

I’m back in the Bay now, so the usual literary pieces and book reviews are well on their way (apologies for pieces that were published by mistake!). Until then, happy reading!


Architectonic Feelings in Old San Juan 

Back in November 2015, a friend and I went on a brief trip to Puerto Rico. I had made plans to fly back to the Philippines a year before for three weeks, to attend a women’s conference and to spend time with friends and family. Around July, I discovered that the conference has been moved to an earlier date and I also needed to stay in the Bay as some pretty special folks were visiting.

I just finished Alain de Botton’s The Architecture of Happiness and my trip to Puerto Rico came into full view right away. After sleeping at the airport in Orlando, Florida to catch the earliest flight the next day, we rushed to our hotel to shower, change, acclimate to the city.

Our first stop (and the only one I was able to go to): Old San Juan.

In silent awe. Old San Juan, Puerto Rico (November 2015)

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